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.“… you have stripped off the old self with its practices and have clothed yourselves with the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge according to the image of its creator” (Col 3: 9-10). Christ calls His disciples, forms them into a community and prepares them to be with Him constantly and to continue His mission in the world even today (cf. Mk 3:14).
The term formation derives from the Latin word, formare which means ‘to mould’. It refers to forming what is malleable- to give shape- like a sculpture with a piece of marble. It can also be used in the field of religious formation that has education, instruction, learning or training as important formative activities.

Religious formation is the process that helps one to become a disciple of Christ, gradually identify with the attitude of Christ (cf. Phil 2:5) and grow in union with Him. The primary purpose of religious formation is to initiate the candidates into religious life, to prepare them to consecrate themselves totally to God and to enable the professed young religious to discover, assimilate and to deepen in them their religious identity.

The objective of the religious formation of the Sisters of the Destitute is to make the candidate competent and determined to be configured with Christ the Destitute who, being obedient unto death on the cross, revealed the compassionate love of God the Father in its fullness and to serve Him by seeing Him in all, especially the poor.

Our formation is Christ-centred, person-oriented and integral, taking into account the specific charism of our Congregation, our spirituality, the signs of the times and the specificity of the culture.


Pre- Novitiate

Candidacy – 4 months – 2 years including +2 studies.

Aspirancy – 1 Year.

Postulancy – 1½ Years.

Novitiate – 2 Years

Vocation Discernment


1.Pray - Sit in silence. Reach out with your thoughts and be open to God's gentle voice. Do you hear His call? Do you feel a yearning to be part of His plan and to do His will?

2.Self Reflection - Ask yourself questions. How strong is your Catholic faith? Do you feel the need to help others? Do you feel physically and mentally prepared for the rigors of religious life? Do you relate well with others, especially those from other cultures?

3.Think of Your Talents and Skills: - Can they benefit others? Can they address needs in the Catholic Church? By sharing them with others, can you do your part to make the lives of God's children a little bit better?

4.Talk with People You Trust Sometimes God talks to us through our friends and family members. How often have you talked with someone and they offer a thought or insight that never occurred to you before?

5.Seek Spiritual Direction: Seek spiritual direction from someone who is qualified, such as a priest or sister, to help you on your spiritual journey exploring God's presence in your life.

6.Discernment: It is a life-long process, one of constant and consistent connection with our Lord. It is a personal and spiritual journey on a path with many twists and turns. Through thoughtful prayer, a dedicated spiritual life and trust in God, discernment helps guide us in the right direction, to discover and respond to God's will.


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